Peter Finch
The orgasm is one of the more intense pleasures that can be tried
even if of short duration. He seems natural to try to have of the greater
possible number through the sexual relationships or with
the masturbazione. I even try to procurarsi the pleasure with
the masturbazione without to be involved with other persons.

I do not understand why one must limit when this is easy to obtain
and innocuous for the health. I do not eat manicaretti and leccornie
all days which in the long run can nuocere my health,
but I do try to have the greater number of orgasms
(also resorting to the masturbazione)
the pleasure that it gives to me is intense.

I am astonished that all are not behaved like me.
When then I feel the women that they consider the degrading
masturbazione and therefore to avoid, the arms fall off me.
Is there is something that does not go in this my way to think?

--- From In the Criminal's Cabinet:
An Anthology of Poetry and Fiction

Edited by Val Stevenson and
Todd Swift
©2004, nthposition press
38 Allcroft Road
London NW5 4NE
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