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Love your mag. How do I send the money for my subscription?

The fact that I couldn't work this out makes me vaguely alarmed for your survival and I've just met you.

John Tarrant

Tarrant is author of
Bring Me the Rhinoceros
(and Other Zen Koans to Bring You Joy)

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Subject: Plz Give Me Advice

To: Reymundo,

Im Going Out Wit This King, And He Is Thirteen Juss Like You...His Mother Is Locked Up..His Dad Doesnt Want Him....He Talks Alot About Gurls Bustin Him Down N Shyt.. N When He Met Me He Said He Will Change. He Thinks Im Different.

But I Dont Know. I wanna Help Him. He EVen Has Three Tattoos Already, DroppedOut Of School. Got Shot AT 13. I Think He Knows Wat You Went Through. If You Can Plz Write Back. He Thinks No One Cares, N You Havent WEnt through this plz write bak so i can print it out n show him!! You've Been Through It Also...Thankz.


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Subject: You OWE Len Garment a BIG Apology!!!


You Were Way out of Line With Your Scarcastic, Snide Remark About Chase Culeman-Beckman!!!

"Since Woodward and Bernstein have said that they will reveal the name of Deep Throat when he (or she) expires, it's becomes rather anticlimactic even before it begins. And Garment is fond of backtracking over the same evidence again and again, which makes the reading less of an adventure in truth and more of a trial for the long-suffering reviewer. To say it is an exercise in trivia is an understatement, especially when we learn at one point that the author was in serious correspondence with one Chase Culeman-Beckman, age eighteen, who presumably had hot inside information gleaned from the fact that he was at summer camp with Carl Bernstein's son --- and had learned the identity of DT through him."

--- Dezele@aol.com

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