God came to a rabbit in the form of a Brahmin. When the hare saw him --- he cried joyously, "Thou dost well, O Brahmin, to come to ask me for food. I will give thee such a gift as has never been given. Collect wood and light a great fire; I will roast myself so that thou canst eat."

Soon a great fire was blazing, and the Brahmin seated himself by it. Then the wise rabbit, with one bound, leapt into the middle of the flames. Hair and hide, flesh and nerves, bones and heart, he gave his whole body.

But the flames were cool to the saintly rabbit, the fire did not even touch one hair of its body. The Brahmin-god placed it on fresh grass, and to perpetuate the memory of the charitable rabbit, he squeezed a mountain, and using its juice as paint, he painted the figure of a rabbit on the moon.

--- Buddhism
David Neel

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