Jorie Graham
For the Love of God


Just to let you know, I was actually quite pleased and reassured to stumble across Ms. Lark's review of Jorie Graham's work.

I had read and in fact studied Graham in college previous to her winning the Pulitzer Prize.

When the latter occurred, I was slightly puzzled, but given the fact that many of the candidates for Pulitzer are curious, I was not surpised.

When I encountered Jorie Graham, I was quite confused. I read reviewers who made grandiose comments concerning her work and found myself taken aback.

I felt alone in the world, sensing I was the only one alive who did not make any sense of Graham's work.

I found Graham difficult, inaccessible and in a word, trite. I did not see how she compared to the likes of Elliot, Dickenson or Whitman.

I did not see a master in her style or the mystery in her substance. Her prose was a weary road I tired of traveling, punctuated with obscure sentences which were not.

I'm glad I stumbled across Lolita Lark's review of Ms. Graham's work.

What some consider art today ... I don't know. Perhaps it is a sign of the times.

--- jonathan booker

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Subject: Trust God

Before its too late make peace with GOD, and make sure the ones you love do also.

Its the greatest pleasure you can ever have and it lasts foever.

Accept him.


Get baptized.

See you in heaven.

In marionette we can compellable as always inappeasable slurry theirfore puddly is irishmen and combatant.

--- Branden Willard
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