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Death is "the dream at the end of time"?

The end of time is the ending of thought. Thought creates time. The "dream," all imagery and desire, are thought processes, are "made of" thought. When thought and time end --- which happens in meditation, enlightenment, love and death --- there is awakening from the dream we call "life".

What manner of dream is the state we call death?

--- David D

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Just finished reading the Cataract Blues. Found this while looking for "more post operation cataract" information.

Yes, I had my left eye done last Thursday, and yesterday, Sunday, was the first day I could really see anything but a fog. I go back to the doctor tomorrow.

I am writing this using my glasses with my left lens punched out. Your description is extremely accurate. I also appreciated the LARGE PRINT.

I am an engineer, and had been wearing trifocals, the executive type. They are sooooooo heavy, that I wear a band around my head to hold them up. At least that worked.

I am going to the library tomorrow to get one of those large print books. I also like to read.

Well, would appreciate a note, telling me how you are doing.

Yes, everyone I spoke to is happy and smiling that they had it done. My doctor did fifteen that day. The next morning we all sat in the office waiting for him to take a peek. Well fourteen people were just thrilled. Yes, I am the one person who couldn't see a thing.

You did brighten my day. Not much laughter here until tonight, when I read your well written description of the "CATARACT BLUES."

--- Champion C. Cox
Hertford, NC

Subject: Cataract Surgery


You are an idiot.

I had cataract surgery and yes there are inconveniences initially --- well duh! You've just gone through an amazingly delicate operation on one of the most delicate organs in your body --- what did you expect ---wart removal????

It takes time. But you heal. Here it is a day after surgery and I can read and watch television without glasses. My vision is now 20/40. Before it was probably closer to 20/1000.

Stop misleading people, you fool. Get a real job.

--- Hank Motkowski


i'm fattouh, 20 year

and i have Ophthalmia in my eyes and i wanna come to french hospital and i wanna Medication me

plz reply me and thx

--- fetouh elzaref
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Subject: meaning for a ta moko

Kia ora, I am a female thats wanting a cover up of a ta moko, i live in australia at the moment and have lost a bit of my korero maori, and bits and pieces of meanings... Im actually writing to ask you if there is any kind of design that represents my iwi on both my mothers and my fathers the most commen ones, so that if any one was to look at it they can read it and find out where im from? Is the hapu more important then the iwi??? if so can you plz send me a few designs of kahungunu (Tamatea) and tainui (Ngati tipa)...because im a female and dont wanna look butchie im looking for a beautiful tamoko that represents my whanau and iwi etc.petitt small.

--- casey hira

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Dear Lady/ Sir,

We are a Chinese tin box maker, we can produce tin box as per customer's requirements.

our tin box is suitable for pencil, candle, wine, coffee and tea, as well as candy, chocolate....

If you have got any further questions, please contact us !

We shall be very sorry if this mail bothered you!

we wish you a very luck day!

--- Jack Kiang
Marketing Director
Dongguan City Jingli Can Co., Ltd.
Shuiji Industrial Zone, Tianbian Manage District, Shipai Town,
Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China