Henry Sidgwick
Sex, Lies, and

> Lolita,

> I continue to enjoy RALPH so very much, it's like food (good food). In fact I often read it on line while eating and when I'm finished I'm really satisfied.

I do too, getting quiche in the keys of my computer, latte in the mouse.

> Have you read Sex, Lies, and Menopause: The Shocking Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy by T.S. Wiley? I don't know if it qualifies for a review in the magazine, but perhaps you'd like to read it anyway.

If it came out in the last year, I would order it. Is Wiley the author or the publisher?

> Thanks again to you and the others for enriching my life.

Thank you for enriching ours.

--- Elizabeth Michal


I love your summary of Bart Schultz' writing style in his new book on Henry Sidgwick:

    ...someone who writes like this should be trucked off at once to the Philosophy Department at Montana State University or the Autonomous University of Uganda and, once under house arrest, forbidden all access to computers and the internet --- even typewriters --- until he or she promises to write language that you and I can grok without giving ourselves over to brain damage.

Bart summarily blew off all his old lifelong friends years ago when he deemed us unnecessary in his life, so I'm sure my old buddies will definitely get a kick out of your review.

--- Dean Milano
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