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Your review of Advanced Rut Hunting is dumb. Your reviewer is against human beings. He says

    The rub comes --- not necessarily an "antler rub" --- from the fact that so many of us grew up feasting on early Walt Disney. We now have a thing about deer. We know that a big father deer will have a kindly mama deer who, in turn, will whelp a tiny Bambi of the big eyes. Remember when they shot Bambi's sire in a gush of woe and blood? That alone should get the animal-rights activists busy picketing any and all of the authors represented here.

Hunters like me have the right to arms and even though you dont think so there are rules about hunting deer even tho you think they have "pretty eyes." Just because you saw Bambi shows you don't know much about hunting and deers who destroy property eat gardens etc. We do a public service because if you let them breed they have too many little "Bambis." Also venesin makes good food. Your animal rights buddies are going to get themselfs in our sites if they dont cover their asses.

--- W. Jack Mooney
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