A Roundheeled Woman:
Jane Juska
Victoria Nudlebaum,
RALPH's Faithful Accountant

Subject: No trollop, she!


I've just finished reading A Roundheeled Woman by Jane Juska.  I enjoyed every word.  She gets an A+ for Courage, an A+ for Honesty and an A+ for readability.

"Ah," I thought, "I've missed out again!"  First I missed out on the Pill. It came too late for me.  The various forms of contraceptives were so sexually off-putting in my young days .

My contemporaries never spoke of orgasms.  In fact  I don't recall ever speaking about sex at all.  And now I've missed out on 'late-life' sex.  All  that my contemporaries now talk about and try to do something about is arthritis, cataracts, osteoporitis, and other common unmentionables,  lest mentioning them will bring them upon the mentioner.

I weep for me.  I deeply sympathize.  And I'm grateful for Jane Juska's book and the extraordinary courage that led to her succinct ad. in the NY Review of Books personal columns.

Congratulations, Jane!

--- Veda Hawell

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Ms. Victoria Nudlebaum,
our beloved CPA

Dear Lolita,

I've sent off my check for $25 to Victoria along with a request for a copy of Cripzen.

I love your magazine so much, I hope you thrive for a very long time.

--- Best Wishes,
Elizabeth Michal

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