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The reviewer of Malignant Self Love is either a Narcissist himself (intimated by his inability to give credibikltiy to Dr. Sam bwecause he is not a health professionalo) or as is mor elikely simply totally ignorant of the subject matter at hand namely DSM IV CLuster B  Personality Disorders. The book Malignat Self Love and his site by the same name are SPOT-ON and INVALUABLE to people like me who have been vicitmized by intimate relationship with a sufferer of Narcissistic Persoanlity Disorders.

Paul Recher

Our reviewer responds:

    Halo yourself.
    Or as they used to sing in the shampoo commercials on the radio when I was a boy,

    Halo, everybody, Halo!
    Halo is the shampoo that glorifies your hair,
    So Halo, everybody, Halo!

    I note that the letter comes from Austria. Could it be....Vienna? Could it be....Berggasse 19? Bist du Siggie?


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I don't know who the person was that wrote the review on Richie Havens new book, but they must be under 20 and not able to read. His story is fantastic, his insites into politics and the feeling we all shared during the 60's was "right on". The lyrics of the songs were a step to the past. I guess you would have to live it to understand it.

  ---David Blatt

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Dear Geezer:

Your dispatches from Mexico are such a treat, and such a welcome change from all the sentimental drivel that appears elsewhere. If I read one more time that Mexico is a perfect, crime-free paradise for retirement, with friendly natives falling over themselves to welcome gringos, I may look up the writer and arrange for a lynch mob for him/her.

I spend a lot of time in Mexico, love being there, hate the smugness of most gringos and the false expectations and desires raised for most Mexicans by advertising from multi-national companies. Please keep writing, and stay as sane and healthy as possible.

--- Best,
Sophie Annan

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Your page [on Yeats] has a mistake. The poem "When You Are Old" was written, not translated by William Butler Yeats. It was written by Yeats, inspired by Pierre de Ronsard's sonnet which begins "Quand vous, serez bien vieille, au soir, a la chandelle" (When you are old, sitting at evening by candlelight).


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