Memorial for Soldiers
Who Died at Loos

I wonder if you could help me. I am preparing a small interactive learning program for the children of Stockcross Primary School in Berkshire, UK. The school has been involved along with Boxford Parish Council in researching the background and war experiences of those listed on the Boxford WWI war memorial.

The program I am writing makes the research, which my daughter took part in, more interactive and "alive" with sound, text and images.

The learning program describes the WWI experiences and battles where those on the war memorial lost their lives. It also includes information on their background and where they are buried or commemorated. The program is for educational use only and is not for resale.

As three soldiers on the memorial died at Loos, I would like is permission to use the poem "They Sent My Boy to Loos." Is it possible that you could give me permission, or if not, to whom should I write.

Thanking you in anticipation,

--- Stephen Mika
University of Reading
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