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Subject: Your opening page.

You have obviously got your history wires crossed with your liberal ones.

If you want to know about Grant ask Shelby Foote and this website is supposed to be about Gettysburg.

The Civil Wars was fought with the tactics of the day, weather those were the right tactics is another matter.

So come down off your high horse or pick a more modern subject like socialism.

--- Stanley G. Krieger

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"The Ravensbruck Love Poem."

Can you please tell me a little about this wonderfully moving poem that you have published on your website?

My searches reveal absolutely nothing.

--- With Regards,
Brian Challis
Winchester, UK

Dear Mr. Challis:

Thank you for your note.

We know nothing. The poem arrived as an e-mail, signed by "J. W. Glass." When we put it up, we sent notification to the author, but the e-mail was returned to us as "undeliverable." That's all we know.

--- Sorry,
L. Lark

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To whom it may concern,

I'd like to give my response on your review of the book, Wasted.

First of all, anorexia and bulimia both are nothing like a passionate love. They are unobtainable goals and obsessions. They are diseases.

Bulimia is very similar to alcoholism, because they both create/provide chemicals to make the body feel good. If you actually get well versed in the subject, alcoholism destroys far more relationships...

So going by your judgement, don't they need a few swats on the behind as well? No such things as valid emotional problems here!

Statistics show also that the vast majority of anorexics have too much self-discipline. How can you think they need to be disciplined more? The very core of both eating disorders for most people is control and self-discipline. Can you extinguish fire with gasoline? No.

In the same way, you can't 'solve' a problem with the trigger --- for me that was too much discipline and no understanding from my parents. I hope for all other readers of your reviews that you will never again write about something that your own ignorance or coldness causes you to reject.

As far as discipline goes, have you ever heard an anorexic or bulimic publicly reject or diminish someone else's pain? It's extremely rare.

No, sir or madam, the self-discipline is more needed by you. Keep your thoughts away from the public until you actually understand something.

--- Thank you for your time,
Evelyn Anderson

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