The California
Governor's Race with
Larry, Moe and Curley,
The Devil's Cup and
RALPH in Violation of
The Law of Copyright


I beg to take exception to your California platform. What an excessive waste of California talent. Larry, Moe, and Curley for fruit commissioners?

Lets get serious. Larry for governor, Moe for State Police Commissioner, and Curley ("woo-woo-woo") for State Treasurer.

Okay, I'm a little prejudiced. I have always loved Larry's hair structure --- straight out or up --- and yet, frizzled. We cheered him and the others at the Capitol Theatre in Union City (Obion County) Tennessee and he clearly has a better accent than Schwarznegger.

The Capitol Theatre. I've been indirectly informed, was saved from neglect and potential destruction by all three of Obion County's art lovers. I know one of them --- R. C. Forrester --- enjoyed Larry, Moe and Curley because, even though he was a sissy --- he actually read books --- and was widely scorned by our Redneck peers. We sometimes sat together at the Saturday afternoon picture shows, laughing at the Stooges after the Gene Autry-Tim McCoy-Ken Maynard-Buck Jones-Hopalong Cassidy feature. Then afterwards we'd go outside hit each other and go "Boink!"

Imagine my distress and disillusion when I learned that Buck Jones was among those in Boston's Chestnut Grove Night Club that night it caught fire and burned to death several hundred --- including Buck Jones. Distressed, not just that Buck was dead, but that he was actually in a night club drinking something besides sarsaparilla and probably with a girl, not his horse, Troy, who survived. (Please correct me if I'm wrong on the name of Buck Jones' horse.)

By the way, did you know that your misplaced candidate for fruit commissioner, Larry, was known in those days as "Porcupine?" It is a true, but little known fact --- just ask R. C. Forrester. Still, I like his hairdo --- never mind his accent --- better than Schwarzeneggers's.

One final thought: should you Californians not elect Schwarzenegger governor and he's looking for work, why not bring back the Stooges? Larry, Moe, and Schwarzenegger. I leave the rest of the casting in good hands with you.

--- Shelby Scates

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Ms. Lark:

Hi, you don't know me but my name is Stewart Allen. Your publication was nice enough to review a book of mine called The Devil's Cup a few years ago. A belated thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

This is rather awkward, but I'm applying for writer residencies and all my editors have been fired and so I was wondering if you'd consider perhaps writing a letter of recommendation for me, not a personal one of course, for use in applying to these various residency programs...

I realize this is an imposition and would understand if you were too busy to help.

At any rate, I've enjoyed your site many times in the past. I didn't realize you were once Fienyamans (sp?) which I seem to recall (I grew up in California - this is where you're located, right?). I am unfortunately presently stuck in NY. Yeech, although I do like snow.

I blather. Hope all is well.

--- Stewart Allen

Dear Mr. Allen:

How could we not be delighted to help one who delighted us so with such a fine, funny book?

My experience is that people react best to hard copy. I think it would be best if you gave us an address --- and I will type up something good but not too mushy to make you blush for having read it, nor me for having written it.

I will also send along a colorful print-out of the review itself, in case you want to include that.

And, in regards to "Fienyamans?" Eh? Do you mean Fessenden? (What a stretch!) You might have run across our magazine when it was printed on paper, not on air? And yes, most of us are in San Diego.Happy to help.

--- Lolita Lark


My copywritten photo is currently being used on the following webpage without my permission:

This is a violation of international copywrite laws. Furthermore you are using my bandwidth to display the photo which costs me money. I make my living through my photography, and do not appreciate this blatant theft. There was a copywrite symbol located directly below the image on the webpage from which it was taken. As a result of your inconsiderate actions, I have added a copywrite directly on the image. Please remove the photo immediately, unless you would like to pay the licensing fee of $100US for it's use.

--- Sincerely,
Ethan Meleg
Ethan Meleg Nature Photography

Note: The offending photograph has been removed.


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