Memories of
Poole's Paradise

Believe it or not, but Butterball and Bob Poole (his memory) still live on!

I, too, was "slave" the Mutual Network's airing of Bob Poole, his craziness, etc. When I got my first tape recorder (a 5" reel to reel) back in the mid 1950s, I augmented my tape letters with music, sound effects, etc.

My craziness resulted in going on WRXV in Auburn, Maine, early in 1983. It was solid Country, but I added stuff that would make Bob proud. Poole's Paradise was very popular on WCOU, Mutual's outlet in the Twin Cities of Lewiston and Auburn, and I loved Bob's stuff.

Door opening and voice yelling, "Get To Work!" Door slam.

I decided to use a knock on the door, and walking over to the door, opening it and . . . . . .

Racing cars, flock of flying, chirping birds, parade passing through, running heavy steps, followed by lighter steps, and voice:

You come back here!

Or the sounds of someone in a rowboat, oars in water, distant --- close ---- fading away. Spike Jones horse racing with Doodles Weaver narrating briefly

And Beetle-baum...

Door slaming, noise stopped upon impact!

If I ever made a mistake, a Butterball laughter cart was ready to go while I covered the blunder.

§     §     §

For years, and years, I've tried to locate Bob Poole --- just to tell him how much I loved his show. Every day while on the air, I wished there were some way to let Bob know his influence was still being heard.

§     §     §

Ever hear "The Blue Danube" played backwards as a "Cultural" bit on a variety show, and introduced as a beautiful Classic, "Le Boonab Bleu" (This is heavy French area of Maine), and I'm not sure if it was a put-on, or not, but a weekday DJ asked me if I would let the Station have a copy of my record, "Le Boonab Bleu" for their collection!

§     §     §

I may not get a reply to this, but if I do, I will BLESS THEE, O LITTLE MAN WITH CHEEKS OF TAN.

Sound: slapping of cheek!

And now, in parting, Ing. Part.

--- Fred Goldrup

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