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Dear Miss Lark:

Two great literary magazines are celebrating anniversaries this year: The Paris Review and RALPH.

Of the two I prefer RALPH. 

Paris Review has grown old and stodgy over the years, but RALPH is ever-new. Let us celebrate its 100th issue!

RALPH's Editor-in-Chief, Lolita Lark, has a superb understanding of what makes a magazine tick. RALPH reviews not only the books of the major publishing houses; it reviews books from small houses, independent publishers, university presses, paper backs as well as hardbacks.  It's only criterion is, is this book of interest to our readers.

And what reviews it gives us!  They are shrewd and lively, often quite funny.  They get to the nub of things.  Their reviewers are often distinguished in their own right.

The widely published Lorenzo Milam writes often. He has a comfortable, pithy style which many have compared to E. B. White. Ignacio Schwartz, an American born in Mexico whose novels are popular South of the Border, offers both reviews and essays on the changing mores he has seen over his long and lively life. Lolita Lark herself provides  comments and critiques of the contemporary literary scene. She is not kind and she is razor sharp in her observation.

RALPH is a magazine by readers and for readers who love books. Nothing stuffy about it, RALPH, provides good fun of high quality.

--- Sincerely,
Hugh Gallagher
Award Winning Author (and Crank)

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