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I loved Dr. Phage's Passover story. Not to be slavish about language (pardon the use of the word in the context of Passover), but the horrible pun he attempts in translating forebears into Hebrew as "our bears," is linguistically incorrect.

The word for "our bears" is "dubeinu." The singular for bear is Dov, and the plural is Dubim. A child asks for "Dubi," my Teddy. He might instead have written "Arba'a dubim" = "four bears."

--- Farklempt

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Dear Ms. Lark

I just did a Web search of Mawi Asgedom, for whom I work, and turned up your RALPH review of "Of Beetles and Angels."  Thank you so much for sharing such an intelligent, heartfelt review!

I edited "Of Beetles" and am touched to read a review such as yours; believe me, no matter how many people express their appreciation for the book, it never gets old.  I'll certainly share your review with Mawi.

Mawi's next book, "The Code: The 5 Secrets of Teen Success" (Little, Brown), will be released this fall.  If you'd like to review it, please let me know, and I can ask our publisher to send you a review copy.

--- Thanks,
Dave Berger
Mawi, Inc.

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REF: Your review of Star in the East: Krishnamurti --- The Invention of a Messiah

This is misinformed but at the same time it is forgiven.

For seventy years that super energy --- no --- that immense energy, immense intelligence, has been using this body.

I don't think people realize what tremendous energy and intelligence went through this body...

You won't find another body like this, or that supreme intelligence operating in a body for many hundred years.

You won't see it again.

When he goes, it goes.  


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Estimados Amigos:

For an upcoming soiree commemorating the annual visitation of the west nile naval fleet, we very much desire the recipe for "torta inversa dell'ananas nello stile di Pompeii," as described in "Volcanoes." Could you possibly direct us to the source?

Also, I would like to point out that cohabiting of the teutonic plates ("delftware") is not required for dissipation. During my stay in Bay area California, I learned, with some accuracy, to judge a teromoto's temperature by the number of car alarms it inspired. Regardless of magnitude, vast quantities of newsprint and ceramic figurines were always consumed.

--- Obrigado,
C Reinsch

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