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Hydrothermal Vents
Partially Hydrogenated Memory
That Dratted Other RALPH (Again)


Your picture of the hydrothermal vents at is fabulous.  Is there any way you can tell me who the photographer is and his or her contact information?  I would greatly appreciate it!

---   Thanks,
  Lynne-Marie Sanders

Our editor replies:

These are government photographs, gathered by the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle. The actual cruises are called NEMO, and their photos can be found at

I suspect that you and I are paying for them, since it is a government project, so you should feel free to take advantage of them.

And if you get booked onto one of their cruises, let us know. We'd like to go along.

--- Thanks,
L Lark

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Dear Mother:

I go out of this year a Poet, my dear Mother, as which I did not, enter it. I am held peer by the Georgians; I am a poet's poet.

I am started. The tugs have left me; I feel the great swelling of the open sea taking my galleon.

Last year, at this time, (it is just midnight, and now is the intolerable instant of the Change) last year I lay awake in a windy tent in the middle of a vast, dreadful encampment. It seems neither France, nor England, but a kind of paddock where the beasts are kept a few days before the shambles. I heard the revelling of the Scotch troops, who are now dead, and who knew they would be dead. I thought of this present night, and whether I should indeed --- whether we should indeed --- whether you would indeed --- but I thought neither long nor deeply, for I am a master of elision.

But chiefly I thought of he very strange look on all the faces in that camp; an incomprehensible look, which a man will never see in England, though wars should be in England; nor can it be seen in any battle. But only in Étaples.

It was not despair, or terror, it was more terrible than terror, for it was a blindfold look, and without expression, like a dead rabbit's.

It will never be painted, and no actor will ever seize it. And to describe it, I think I must go back and be with them.

--- Wilfred Owen
Letter dated 31 December 1917
As quoted in the
May 15, 2003

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P. J. Mierly, "The Chocolate Soldier."   Thanks for publishing it and if there is a way to let Mierly know that I'm a fan.

---A. W.    
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The Mysterious East



I am Akira Sato. I live in Japan.

Someone uses my e-mail, name and my address unfairly and your mail is sent to your place.

This is the mischief by which someone was performed with MALICE.

I desire to be human being with the sincerity in which you can cope with this trouble.

PLEASE remove my e-mail address in your EMAIL list.

Thank you for your consideration.

P.S. When reply mail was issued, those who is called this "" did not exist. Moreover, is probably a person called this "" imitation?

--- Akira,



I currently am a Ralph Model in Sydney Australia. I have been referred to you by a FRIEND.

Sometimes people play tricks and give me an email address that is not correct. Something like call Mr LION and when they ring it is Tooronga Park Zoo. But you get that.

I have three other girlfriends who also have done Photo Layouts for Ralph magazine.

We have decided to be a part of the world of the high class courtesan but at a price.

We are not the $150 an hour wrap around skirt pair of clog hookers. We are beautiful young intelligent woman who are not judgemental and in total control.

Please call Miss Peneloppe LANG or Stephanie GIRABALDI. These two ladies will arrange our appointment. They are our Model Casting Agents and have agreed to handle incoming calls as they do for our Model assignments. Please be polite to them.

Please note this is a private situation and there are no Agency fees. We pay our agents the same way as we do in the Modeling industry. We are totally independent of the Adult Industry and as professional models we seek to work for ourselves. We have also other Model girlfriends who are taking notice of what we do and they will join us if the gentleman, ladies, couples are discreet.

We do hope you will keep this private and confidential.

We will travel overseas only by appointment.

If you want photos please ask Peneloppe and Stephanie and we will email them to you. Please we only email to those who entered there email address and referred their friends.

This is the most secretive model/courtesan concept. Please keep it that way. It is a very exclusive group of Sydney Models.If money is an issue with you please do not call. We say that if you are the type of person who goes to a mercedes dealer and asks the price of a mercedes first then you probably will not be able to afford the type of model who graces the pages of top mens magazines.

--- Please
Sydney Australia

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