Great Travel Books,
Military Torture of Witches
Northwest Art
Elizabeth Gips


Someone should invite the editors of Outside magazine in for a cup of hot cocoa and a chat.

The omission of Bruce Chatwin's In Patagonia, Carlos Amantea's The Blob That Ate Oaxaca, and the entire output of such luminous travel gods as Paul Bowles, Jane Bowles, Thomas W. Knox, and Christopher Isherwood, and so many others so much more significant than 2/3rd's of the twaddle in their presumptuous canon, is proof enough that they have been drinking from the tap and eating unwashed vegetables.

--- Phil Ehrens

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SUBJECT: New England Witch Tortured By US Army


I am a New England witch that has been "attacked, tortured, character suppressed" by our own military, army satellite technicians in California who are deriving pleasure at the thought of "Tormenting, Torturing" a witch [scratching head].

I am victim of the stereotyping and they watched the "Witch Trials Of Salem" [again scratching head] they are the "low intellect."

Of concern they are targeting anyone who has displayed any unique ability or are strongly acquainted with such methodologies as witchcraft, magic, psychic phenomena, essentially the unexplained even studies on the aliens witnesses.

I include "Military Classified Documentation" that will offer support as I additionally offer that I, software engineer, have observed huge numbers in observation of satellite trajectories, coördinates throughout the country and abroad.

I place emphasis on "huge numbers." In the budget included which discloses "phenomena" as a primary target of research allow that I have as well observe a "Witch" in North Hollywood, Calif. who is consumed by the processes as they displayed her on the television as a "psychic" while she was overwhelmed by influences.


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Dear Ms. Lark:

Could I possibly get an email address for Elizabeth Gips, one of your authors?

--- Hank Levin, Editor
The Free Spirit Journal
San Rafael, CA

Dear Hank:

Thanks for your e-mail.

It is with great regret that I tell you that Ms. Gips died a couple of years ago.

Just before her passing, she wrote an article about it, which appears at

I know her son, and he told me about her last days. Tibetan Buddhists were in attendance, there was chanting and readings from The Tibetan Book of Death and Dying.

There was singing and a house full of friends.

She went as she lived --- with aplomb, joy, and no few tears.

--- L. Lark

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REF: Northwest Art

Very funny review.  However, it hit on a number of interesting points that the mainstream art community does not like to discuss.

Our gallery represents several of the estates and artists featured in the book and it was great to see these points made. 

Tobey also did a painting entitled, "Three Birds" that is in the collection of the Seattle Art Museum.  It is never exhibited because it pre-dates Morris Graves' birds by several years.

--- Kurt Lidtke

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I think I mite of did a little of what you done.  Here are some reviews of a website you might want to take a look at and maybe add to your writer's resources or pass along to your subscribers:

It's all sorts of other things, as well, but it's also a free (no cost, no advertising, no membership, no pop-ups), annotated, up-to-date (as of February 2003) online directory of almost 2,000 of the top literary agents, editors and publishers of adult trade books in the US, UK and Canada, including contact information, e-mail addresses and close to 500 websites. 

--- Gerard Jones

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