Robert Penn Warren


Just read your article on Robert Penn Warren --- mostly agree about poetry, totally disagree that the Cass Mastern papers are not an integral part of the story of Jack Burden and Willie Stark.

A careful reading will also reveal that Anne's affair with Willie is not only not out of character but also essential to the unfolding of the novel.

Delighted to see that others are still reading and teaching this great book.

--- Betty H. Moss

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Subject: The FOLIO arrived today.


An hour or two after the completion of the fact, it suddenly came into my head to be aware that I had, once again, walked into the house from the mailbox with the magazine, seated, myself comfortably, and read every page and word before stirring toward any other pursuit.

Don't know what this signifies, but wanted you to know. None of the other publications that arrive here have that effect (The New Yorker, The Economist, Rolling Stone, five or six sailing magazines), nor do I necessarily understand it. Possibly a phenomenon resembling an impedance match.

Glad RALPH is still with us, and wish I could offer a subsidy.

--- Roy Kiesling

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Subject: "Rejection Slip Blues"

Have my bright yellow copy of RALPH ["The FOLIO"] at hand, but am trying to find the online version of "Rejection Slip Blues" so I can print it out with a smaller font and share it with the members of my novel writers' group. If that's okay with youse.

--- Thanks,
Laura McCarthy
The Silk Purse Writers' Center
36 Main Street
Historic Downtown Chester NY

Hi Laura:

I send along a Carlos Amantea's updated copy of "Rejection Slip Blues." You are welcome to use it but please tell people they can subscribe to "RALPH" at Box 16719, San Diego CA 92176.

--- Thanks,
Lolita Lark

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