Ode to a Name

    Dear Ms. Lark,

    I hope that is your real name, I think it is just wonderful. In a moment of press release writer's block this fell out ...

     (Sorry, I couldn't help it!) ...

    --- Moira Megargee
    Publicity Director
    Interlink Publishing Group


Lolita Lark, a name that sings

It makes one think of many things,

Of Nabokov and birds in flight

Of fables, love and sultry nights.

Of comic books and hose with seams

Of lingerie and girlish dreams.


Lolita Lark, a name so lush

That of it I can only gush

It sparkles like sunlight on the seas

It wafts like perfume on a breeze.

A moniker deserving fame

It begs the query, What's in a name?


Lolita Lark, the name entices

It is creamy, with a hint of spices

It reeks with intrigue and adventure,

Perhaps of thoughts that one should censor!

Is she a gangster's moll? A spy?

The girlfriend of a private eye?

Lolita Lark, a name that soars

And never, never, ever bores

It laughs, it dances, giggles, sighs,

Across the tongue it flits and flies.

A name with which I've become smitten,

And thus, this silly poem I've written!


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