To the Nations of the World &
Member Nations of
The United Nations
The President of
The Russian Federation

Dear Vladimir V. Putin:

Perhaps, this complaint regarding the United States seems old to most, and probably most of the Leaders of the World would rather have similar Systems of Government. I actually do not know...

But, when I read that India is proceeding with plans to build 8 New Nuclear Power Plants I am wondering what is going on.

Listen, I have sent you people a Simple Method for Creating an Infinity Supply of Energy...

Do you, or your Scientists understand what I have sent?

Or is it that you and your Governments believe that the World (Planet Earth) and it's people will live Forever?

§     §     §

Nevertheless, right now I am facing a major dilemma...having to adjust to the Hell of Captalism, and all of the ramifications related thereto (because in order to work, Captalism means, someone has to be on the Bottom). In fact, I have been trying to get out of this country since awareness...After 1979!!

So, I ask each of you: 'What does it take? I have been through the gambit of hell, I am not allowed a Lawyer to address any of my complaints, and I am not allowed to either Father or see my first and only child. What the hell do you people now require from me; New Nuclear Weapons? The Promise to make your Top Physicist a Nobel Laureate? Perhaps, control of the entire Planet? Or what?

Because I need to be with my child and I need to complete my research.'

§     §     §

Needless to say, it should be very clear to all of you that I have not reached maturity, and if you actually understood any of the information that I have sent you, then you should realize that. My work is not finished, and that, so far, I have absolutely No Limitations....

In a word; Where do we go, or how do we proceed, because I have tried to reach everyone with helpful information, which means, or implies, there just might be a better way.

What do you think?

--- Sincerely,
Eugene Terrell

§     §     §

Dear Lolita:

Can you thank M. M. McPhelps for his kind and emotional article on The Chrysler Building.

--- David Stravitz

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