Paul Magee and
God and Pain,
Woe and Misery

Dear Lolita,

Hi! You reviewed a book of mine about a year or so ago, From Here to Tierra del Fuego, a surrealist ethnography about Tierra del Fuego.

Hey, I really appreciated the review; your reading highlighted all the things i like about the book, and the Macluhan comparison I just look upon as a real honour.

I actually found this copy of RALPH while i was in Moscow, where everybody is as depressed as a walking refrigerator, and you just need a bit of inspiration, you know. So thanks, it was really gratifying.

And i saw that you have published this sick old story of mine about "anatosematophilia," which pleased me a lot too.

Anyways, main reason i am writing is that i have a short piece that i thought you might be interested in for RALPH. It's called "Nudism, Multiple Personality Disorder and the High Rise Novel," and is perhaps best described as a sort of cross between my book (it's actually a critique of Hegel) and that short story (like, as in the title). In other words, its pretty out there. But i will let the piece speak for itself.Please let me know what you think, and if you want to publish it

--- Cheers
Paul Magee

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"Nudism, Multiple Personality Disorder and the High Rise Novel"

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From Here to Tierra del Fuego

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Dear Ms. Lark:

My daughter is having problems with her equilibrium because of the wreck. She is dizzy and nauseated all the time. The pain in her neck is pretty severe on a scale from 1-10 she says it is an 8. We are going to go see a Neurologist on November 14th for the cyst they found at the base of her brain. I did find out that it is in the membrane that covers your brain and your spine. Not sure what that means just yet. The location of it is cause for them to call it a rare disease ... but we will find out more at her appointment.

In the meantime my daughter is so stressed over all this that she has started grinding her teeth at night and that in turn is causing migraine headaches. She wakes up crying and can't sleep. She hasn't slept very well at all since the wreck. The cyst isn't caused by the wreck. Please pray for her. She is stressing so bad. She will have to go to the dentist and they will put a bitewing splint for her to use at night while she sleeps. Please pray that her peace of mind will be so great that she can sleep and rest properly and heal quicker. And please pray for mine and my husbands peace of mind while trying to deal with the insurance company.

--- God bless,
Third Day Ministries Int'n'l


PRAYER REQUESTS from Warrior Michelle:

Hello Mary:

Its been a long time since I've heard from you or even been on my computer long enough to type anything. I'm sorry... My computer also crashed on me a while back. Well, I have some prayer requests for you and all warriors. I am now back to work --- Thank God.

I need prayers for my arms.  I was a meat wrapper in a cold meat room for several months and my arms are paying the price for it, but now I gone back as a cashier. 

My husband had his second back surgery and it was unsucessful again.

My mother-in-law was put in a rest home last week, and

my second son is going blind in his right eye, but He has glasses now...

My sister-in-law,had surgery two days ago -

It's really pouring in this family.

Please pray that God touches this family.

I have put all our problems in Gods hands though. Thank you Mary and Prayer Warriors for your time...

--- Michelle in Ohio


--- Mary

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