Hortense Powdermaker,
Diplomatic Cargo Boxes, and
More on the Poetry of Louise Glück

Dear A. W. Allworthy:

After reading some of your reviews online I felt it necessary to write to you and inform you of your idiocy. Your so-called criticisms of the work of poets such as Louise Glück are based on an outdated paradigm of poetry --- one which you mistakenly believe has something to do with being "in it for sheer hypnotic music" or poetry that "has to be wrapped up in a whoosh of words."

Utter bulshit. The fact that you incessantly refer to poets such as Larkin, Keats, Donne, Hardy, Elliot, ee cummings --- and this in the context of discussing contemporary American poetry --- proves only that you have taken some community college English Lit survey course and that you didn't have the imagination to read outside of the course curriculum. You probably think that alliteration is akin to profundity, that bombast is a good thing.

If garish linguistic cleverness is all you're looking for in a poem then I suggest you limit your discussions to the works of Swinburne.

---John Newlove

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Subject: What is Anti-Matter??!!?


Well, I seem to be lost when it come to a complete understanding of exactly what the Physicist are saying. I recall my college days, when Dr. White said; "I believe that the Physicists are discovering (Referencing Quark Discoveries) the Physics they create."

Well...Is it true?!?

In other words, from my position (which should be a posture taken by anyone who considers themselves intelligent), I truly believe that know one actually knows or understand Physics.

Take for example, wasn't it during the 1970's and 1980's that the Popular belief was that you could travel through a Black Hole and arrive at some different location. Hello!

I mean, had anyone actually understood Einstein's Theory, then they would have understood the Picture and the position of his theory depicting / describing a Black-Hole.

Furthermore, if you will note, there were other's, Non-Mathematical Physicist, who understood what he was saying, but not (so it seems) those who wanted the attention and fame.

To be clear, I am a Researcher in the fields of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and I have made some noted accomplishments in Electronics / Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.

In a word, if the was a Unified Field Theory, and I am it's author, then I could:

  1. Make any effort by the United States Government's team of Physicists dream of creating an Anti-Matter Bomb look like a Cap Pistol;
  2. Eliminate the Big Bang Theory;
  3. Clarify all misconceptions regarding the number of particles;
  4. Support Einstein's position as he wrote it, in the Appendix of his last work.
And just think. This is only a wake-up call, because this is my Universe...

PS: √-1≠ ί:

That is, from the Method of Quantification, we have:

-1 x 1 = 1


1 x 1 = 1

In other words, since Multiplication is the Sum of Addition, and Division is the Repeated Subtraction of a Constant (The Mathematics of Quantification), then the Square Root of Minus One has 2 possible Roots:




---e. terrell

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Dear Editor,

The article on your site about Life in Lesu states that Powdermaker arrived in March 1919, when she actually arrived in March 1929.

--- Rick Hunter

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Dear Sir,

A Brief Intreduction of my self, I am honJohn Kamara. A diplomant from the republic Angola, also the owner of trans Atlantic.

I am contacting in respect of your consignment / fund that is with me as a diplomat I don't have problem in bringing the diplomatic cargo box containing the fund to you in the united states or any country of your choice, My diplomatic licence will cover that also. There is a good diplomatic relation between my country and the united states or other country in the world.

I Want you to do this immediately:

  1. Send to me your complete name, Address were the diplomatic cargo boxs containing the fund will be delivered.
  2. I don't want you to inform any body about this transation till the fund is in your hands.if you do i will wash my hands away from the transaction and you will never get the fund.

And send me your fax and phone number it will be necessary for this transaction.

--- Regards
Hon Dr John Cabora

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