In your review of The Photographic History of World War II your reviewer said,

    In the fire and blood and general mayhem sweepstakes, World War II was a doozer.

I am not sure what you are saying. Do you mean that war is something you might think of it like the state lottery? What's a "doozer " that word isn't in my Websters. Does that mean it was a good thing? Or maybe you are makeing fun of the Soldiers and Sailors and Marines and the people on the homefront who saved this country from the Nazis and the Japs from being raped and killed and conquered. If you have a problem with what we did maybe we could get together and I could show you what I went through so creeps like you could make fun of the war we did for you, so you could have freedom to say stupid things. Maybe youd look good in one of those stripe concentration camp suits.

--- R. F. Lacey

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