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Dear Lolita Lark (can that be your real name?)

Last year, it was P. P. McFeelie.

Everything else is so cunningly tongue in cheek on your site that I doubt it.

Nonsense. It's not tongue-in-cheek, it's foot-in-mouth.

Thanks very much for the very complimentary review of my book, Every Drop For Sale.

We couldn't help it. It's a great book.

I love the dating system you use for each issue

In early 1999 we dated one, "Sometime towards the end of the present century, in the spring of the year..."

One small thing -- my name was misspelled on the review. It's Jeffrey not Jerry. Could you please fix that?


Thanks again and best of luck in the future.

--- Jeffrey Rothfeder

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The Late Late Spring 2002 issue of RALPH included an article by Hugh Gregory Gallagher that discussed The King Crane Report of 1919. Veiled in an attempt to report history Mr. Gallagher revealed himself as a man with a position floundering for an argument to support it. There is comfort that the issue Hugh Gallagher could dig up to hang his hat on is so totally benign. What makes it better is that in order to justify this position at all he was reduced to the use of propaganda techniques.

In his search for validity the author relies on propaganda by omission. Historically the Middle East, has produced but one country that a Muslim woman could vote in. That country is modern day Israel. Mr. Gallagher pounds his podium to make the point that. Christian and Muslim women were questioned in The King Crane Report. Jewish women are not mentioned. Is the reader left to deduce that Jewish Women were excluded? If they were excluded, by whom? Why? Are Muslim women only allowed to voice an opinion as long as that opinion supports anti Jewish issues?

Mr. Gallagher also claims that the immigrating European Jews took jobs from the Muslims. What jobs?

As a long time follower of RALPH I enter this response to Hugh Gallagher more in respect to the publication than in an effort to open a discussion with the author relative to his agenda. If RALPH were to be left with no comment on The King Crane Report of 1919 article I fear Ralph could be accused of deteriorating into a one-sided pulp web presence like Salon.com.

--- Richard Malmed

Mr. Gallagher responds:

  1. Women vote in Muslim Iran, Turkey, Palestine and Jordan.  Muslim women have served as head of government in Muslim Pakistan and Indonesia.
  2. It was the King Crane Commission Report that spoke of Muslim and Christian Arab women coming forth to testify.
  3. Palestinian farm workers were displaced by European Jewish pioneers on lands purchased by the Zionists.  This practice was begun at the turn of the Twentieth Century and continued as a matter of policy throughout the Mandate years.
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