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British Wood-Engraved Book Illustrations





During my reading of the referenced article, I started to speculate on the reasons why you chose this particular work for publication. The answer that resulted is not pleasant.

The Crane Report, in the context of today's mid-east factual situation, is historically irrelevant and; was, meaningless back in the 20's. In Gallagher's own piece he describes the "death" of the report after President Wilson's incapacitation. Therefore, Mr. Gallagher's paper must not have been written to present an analysis of an important historical event. Than, what is his purpose?

Israel, seemingly forgotten by Mr. Gallagher, was established, in 1948 by a vote of the United Nations. Ever since that event Israel's neighbors, by force of arms, have set out to destroy the Jewish State. Sympathizers to this cause attack the Jewish State by the use of words.

The onslaught comes by the use of two formate. The first and most heinous is the attempt to dehumanize Jews. This was practiced to perfection by the National Socialists of Germany; and resulted in the murder of 6,000,000 european Jews. Today, the Egyptian and Saudi press discuss the Jewish people's "habit" of using the blood of arabs in religious ceremonies; and , the europeans and the UN claim that the Israelis perpetrate massacre. The target for this propaganda is the uninformed citizen. The goal is to create the perception that Jews are unsympathetic animals; thus the moral dilemma of mass killing of Jews is avoided.

The second, and the one practiced by Mr. Gallagher, is the strive to de legitimize the State Of Israel. Since the 1948 UN vote the arab world has rejected Israel and by use of the UN resolution process chipped away at Israel's sovereignty. Words, such as, occupied territories, are continuously used to cloud Israel's right to exist; and Israel is routinely excluded from world political and sporting events. The Target is the US and other fair minded countries. The goal is the declaration by the UN that Israel's establishment is fraudulent.

Mr. Gallagher's article aids and abets that objective by setting forth, among other things, the purported results of polls contained in a discarded incomplete report. Your selection of Mr. Gallagher's unbalanced, one sided attempt to convince readers that the establishment of Israel is unfair; seems to indicate that you are an enabler of parties seeking the end of the Jewish State.

--- Michael Sheber

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where you review British Wood-Engraved Book Illustrations 1904 - 1940 --- A Break With Tradition, by Joanna Selborne (Clarendon Press/Oxford) --- you mention this: Robert Gill's lovely, lurid representations of The Song of Songs. 

Except that I'm not quite sure that Robert Gill is a wood engraver. Maybe you're right, but maybe not. Were you thinking of Eric Gill, or Robert Gibbings?

--- Sincerely,
Paul Kiler


Our reviewer responds:

Excellent detective work. There is no Robert Gill, at least in the world of wood-engraved book illustration.

We confused and conjoined two of the most wonderful artists in this rare medium --- Robert Gibbings, Fig. 1 [above] illustrating the poem,

    Love in a hut, with water and a crust,
    In-Love, forgive us! --- cinders, ashes, dust;
    Love in a palace is perhaps at last
    More grievous torment than a hermit's fast...

and Eric Gill, Fig. 2 [below], in "The Dancer" from The Song of Songs,

    How comely is thy stepping
    in the sandals, O Prince's daughter!
    Thy junctions of thy thighs are like a chain
    wrought by a cunning craftsman.

We asked Mr. Kiler where he came up with such exotic information on a rare and obscure subject like wood-engraved book illustrations. He replied,

You ask how I knew...

I am a Pastor to Artists, and have been collecting Biblically based wood engravings from small edition small press artbooks, and specifically targeting 20th Century works. I may just have the best private collection of this type in the US... I certainly have the best private collection of Christian and Biblical book-based images in the US, whether it is so for the more easily accessible 20th Century works is up for debate.

And just this last week, I came up with a book that needs publishing on this subject, and am working to start the wheels rolling. I've been researching this subject intensely for six years now, and so have gained a good knowledge...

---Only by His Marvelous Grace,
Paul Kiler
Art as Servant
1 Cor. 3:5

Finally, this e-mailed to one of our faithful correspondents ---

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