Migraine Headache,
Public Relations and
Bin Laden
RE: Migraine and Professor Rodolfo Low

To: farklempt@home.com

I don't know if it was you the one that wrote an article about migraine, but if it was you, let me tell you that it is a shame that someone like you can write such an stupid comment about a book that has been so helpful for many suffering people. I feel soory for such an idiot person like you.

--- Bxtmiami



RE: Public Relations and Bin Laden


I read your attack on Robert J. Wood and his fine book, Confessions of a PR Man. In these hard times, it is difficult for me to believe that you would smear the name of a man who's works are legion in the industry.

I knew him. He had a hearty hand-shake and a happy word for anyone. If you were down and out, he would always lend you something. When he saw a wrong like when the liberal press was accusing Hallmark cards of using cheap construction when all those people fell, remember they overloaded it and that was not supposed to be done, I couldn't believe it and he couldn't either.

I fought in Viet-Nam so people like you could be free of the communist menace, and now you use the freedom of the press which was given to us by our fathers of the country using it to defame the good name of a man. If you saw what we did people being disembowelled then you would realize it was liberty-loving people like Robert and me who protected us in the dark years that were as dark as these.

I am not saying you don't have a right but I was in the mud and gook so you could say that crap. I suppose you are friends with Bin Laden.

--- Respectfully Yours,
Billy J. Walters


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