Homosexuality and the
Military in the

Hey Ralph,

Re: Dale Smith and Cradle of Valor

Do you know something? Your evaluation of "Cradle of Valor" is pure crap, pure and simple crap!

I knew General Smith, he was a great man. He was a classmate of my father and he gave more of himself to America and to the world than you ever will!

Do you know how many of General Smith's and my father's classmates died so you wouldn't have to salute the Hackencreuz every day? Do you even have a clue how many were butchered on the Bataan Death March? How many sorties were flown against Germany so we wouldn't end up in Arbeits Lagers?

The poor people of Dresden..... They were there making pots and bowls and had no part in bringing the world's most demonic government into power. They didn't enslave any other Europeans, didn't butcher any of those nasty Jews, Gypsies and Marxists! They didn't salute Hitler each time he took over places like the Suedatenland, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, France, Finland, the Balkans, and ultimately about 60% of Russia.

No, they were peaceful potters just minding their own business! Well, I tell the citizens of Dresden what I'd tell the mayor of Nagasaki, "don't start wars with the US, and we'll not harm a hair on your heads. But if you choose to make war on us, we'll bring war to your doorstep like you cannot imagine." The citizens of Germany and Japan ignored that logic and they got what they deserved.

Examine for a few moments (if you have the ability to) what life was like for captured peoples under the 3rd Reich: then compare that to the Allied (especially the American) occupation of Japan and Germany.

Hey, I was there.... I lived in Stuttgart during occupation and we stood on our heads to get Die Deutchen Volk back up and running.

You sir, are clue less!

BTW: the 2nd woman from the right (in the photo) isn't a woman, neither are the other 3! Each year, 100 days prior to graduation, the cadets sponsor a humorous play called "100th Night." During the 30s, women were not allowed to participate in the plays. The 2nd person from the left, I believe, is my father. It's a poor photo, but I think that's dad. You're conclusion is probably that he was a homosexual having dressed in drag, but nothing could be further from the truth. Neither is MG Smith or Lt.G. Betts (2 of the others.)

Cadets poke fun at all things.... The only things that were "off limits" were: a cadet's mom, and his religion. However, the cadets frequently poked fun at religion anyway, crossing that boundary w/i limits. For example, a Catholic is a "fisheater" or "beadbeater." (We Catholics think it's funny!) Just like we think it's hallarious that guys like Finkenaur, Betts and Smith would dress in drag.

--- Jim Finkenaur

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