Someday (I swear)
I'm going to fuck the earth.
To watch it shiver in anticipation
Awaiting hands that span continents,
The restless, casual caress of me.

There'll be a breathless anticipation
In the waiting trees, the ground hot, stilled,
The black caves at pause, the oceans
Flat, swells just swiving at the edge.

And when I penetrate ---
The diamond mountains
Will begin to shiver, winds sigh
Across the flat spaces, seas will roil,
Giant spurts as the fire-dragons
Erupt in the dark wet caves.
Typhoons will march across the land,
Lava pouring from the fat crevasses.

I swear to you, I am going to fuck it
Until its cones bleed and the
Giant sequoias come tumbling.
Slides will blanket the shivering hills;
Even the moon will blink out in wonder,
The sun hidden smirking beneath clouds
Of thundering steam.

For whole æons I shall wallow
In the pit of the earth while
Shaking Everests melt into glaciers,
Slurry descends into the valleys,
Covering them in steamy icen bliss.
We (the earth and I) will thus breast
Whole continents in this steaming wash
Of my thousand-footed lashing seeds.

For seven æons from
A single omphaloskepsis
The continents will swirl
To a single trembling
And then will come forth
The earth babe
Standing mute,
New worlds
Of love.

--- F. J. Wertz

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