Three by

lay of the land
well the first thing he said was
I will have her dealing in cucumbers
and no shortage of custom
but we said look here
this is Cinderella you're talking about
she whose slippers are of fur
he married her

The Big Three
house and home and carport
it is not yours have it remodeled

I sit on my office
in my poop deck
eyeing the many sailors
on my battle-decks
yohoy the merry-o lilli-o
fiddle the faddle
riddle the raddle
I sneezed and wasn't looking

so here's merry the one-o
lots of tons of fun-o
and the scorpion without a sting
in his cinnamon bun-o


song of the tentmaker

scissors make the tent go round
and up or down the dunes
if you have a wish on the temple mound
compound it unto runes

regard thy mien at apple time
cavorting on the prance
and lillibuleroing like a mime
mouthing abstruse chants


breakfast on the moon
in a cabin on a canyon
by the rille of Omnium Gatherum
planking the rimshot heard
round the world by telemetry
measured it is measured
and her shoes were nine layers thick
as thieves we proposed on the night
that we were to be married and lo
and behold it was Corn Flakes
and grapefruit with freeze-dried coffee

--- ©2001Christopher Mulrooney

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