A Frozen Hell,
In The South Bronx of America,

Hey babaree bear said
the little wee bear,
Another Letter on "Wasted."


Could you please correct the inaccuracies in the book review A Frozen Hell? For example, Finland wasn't "a country of nineteen million," there were approximately 4 million inhabitants. The war didn't start on November 26 but on November 30. "What was astonishing was not that Russia won..." Russia didn't win. The Finns managed to retain an overpowering attack.

---Thank you.
Annukka Sivula

Osallistu EF-kilpailuun ja voita matka Englantiin!
Kilpailu alkaa 1/3!
Puhu kaikkialta maailmasta tulevien ihmisten
kanssa ja rakenna oma
saittisi! Ilmoittaudu heti!

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Dear Ed,

Just a note to say that in the review of The Case for Animal Experimentation published on your website your reviewer refers to a mystery song lyric "Hey babaree bear said the little wee bear."

This lyric is from the song "The Three Bears" by Bobby Troup, who also wrote the classic "Route 66." Here's all I know of the lyric:

(Bobby Troup)
Londontown Music/ASCAP
Once upon a time in a neat little cottage there lived three bears
One was a mama bear and one was a daddy bear and one was a wee bear
One day they went walking in the big woods a talking
When came a little girl with blonde hair
Her name was Goldilocks and upon the door she knocks but no one was there
So she walked right in and had herself a time coz she didn't care
Then she got sleepy, went upstairs to bed, when
Home home home came the three bears!
Someone's been eating my porridge said that mama bear,
Someone's been eating my porridge said that daddy bear,
Hey ba-ba-rebear said the little wee bear someone has broken my chair!
Just then Goldilocks woke up, broke up the party and beat it out of there
Bye bye bye said the mama bear
Goodbye bye said the daddy bear
Hey ba-ba-rebear said the little wee bear
So ends the story of the three bears!

--- Sincerely,
Kim Beissel


Wonderful review of my In The South Bronx of America book but there's an error of fact. Roger Starr was an official at Housing and Urban Development when they promulgated the planned shrinkage strategy for depopulating urban ghettos. Later he went on to be on the editorial board of the Times.

It would be good if you can correct that on line.

--- Thanks,
Mel Rosenthal

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Well. Just to tell I am 30s, male and not particularly amused with the idea of people suffering round because my E[ating] D[isorder].

Even not living with my parents neither in my home country and following a path full of success, I am keeping those problems for years and a fear to die because nobody knows what to do, and people like you, immersed in ignorancy, believe can judge everybody in that way.

Some people like something-fishy.com helps a lot and save people. Others create oposition and more negative weight and concern in this issue.

Sorry, I feel insulted and pretty bad after reading that review. I cannot believe it.

Thanks very much, but please, in the coming time, resist the impulse of writing about this issue.

--- ran man

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