The Truth About Dogs
Drinks with Charles Lindbergh, and


To the Crank Letter Editor:
In re: Your review of
Stephen Budiansky's
"The Truth About Dogs."

Who IS that dork?

Most of his rabid misinformation about dogs could be more aptly applied to the anklebiters of his own species.

Sheesh what a parasite!

aka The Yellow Dog

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Dear Lolita,

I had a drink with Lindbergh once in a bedroom of the Waldorf.

We talked for an hour or so.

He was a good conversationalist, with an interest in things he was able to share.

I liked him a lot. He was in his sixties and he was still handsome.

So cut Lindy a little slack, will you?

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I don't know about my article, but you certainly published the testy of all testies with Mencan. Menkan, Mencham, Mencken, oh, my mooshy mind.

His anti Semitic, anti-gay anti-everything shows up because the pictures don't come up and the link is no good!!

I'm tripping out breathing less and worse. I go through all sorts of changes every day. Could be worse but it sure could be better!

Love, Elizabeth

"We clutch at truth to keep from dancing in the Void"

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