Trapping Rats and
Other Problems

Living with others leads to
the trapping of rats and other problems.
Every house with others is a mad house.
Living alone, no one sees you lick
your soup bowl, then ice cream eat and lick.

No one knows you eat boiled onions and eggs
at three a.m. while ironing.
No one knows what you do with scallions.
If beer is cheaper, all the better
champagne is foolish if you are alone.

There is no reason to leave the house
turn off the television. Bathing is optional.
Cleaning house unnecessary. Any food that requires
pounding, grinding, sauteing, broiling,
toasting, frying, a waste of effort.

You're better off sleeping under the bed or in a chair.
Forget personal hygiene and the telephone.
Just crouch gnome like on the green carpet with brown stains
or the brown carpet with green stains by the television,
swimming in your own private glass blue world.

Eat Salisbury steak from the microwave
Watch reruns. Your tv days will lose
those jerky disconnected moments when
you know what time it is, will connect filament
like to each other.

Don't scream
People might hear you.
You don't want them to come in, do you?
You don't want them to think you're crazy,
Do you?

--- ©2000 Kate Gale


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