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What Michael Vaughan Saved

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In early 2017 we received an email from Phillip Manning at KTNA in Talkeetna, Alaska advising us of the death of Michael Vaughan, a broadcast engineer, and asking if we had anything we could share about Michael's time working at KRAB. Phillip was prompted to ask us because on KTNA's first day of broadcast in 1993 Michael had spoken about producing programs at KRAB 30 years before. About all I could tell him was that Michael and Rory Funke had done a program in 1963 about the 1962 libel lawsuit filed by State Representative John E Goldmark. [Had we more of the 1963-1965 program guides, we might have known more.]

Eventually I made contact with Michael's wife, Deborah, and she has shared several of his old KRAB tapes. I believe the tapes he, and other former listeners, saved reveal how programming of stations like KRAB open windows through which listeners experience other world views and other ideas about what music is and what its purpose could be. Once those windows are opened, the listener, is changed forever, becoming open themselves to hearing and understanding the value of other cultures and peoples. After moving on from KRAB, public radio continued to have a significant place in Michael Vaughan's life. Read more about Michael here.

Listen now Listen now - Michael Vaughan Remembrance from KTNA


How did listening to KRAB affect your music preferences?


Music of Seville; KRAB Aug 24, 1964 and thereafter

A Flamenco anthology; street music, collected by Alan Lomax. [1952-1953]

tapelabel1 Valienteme serenal; 2 Mira si soy des graciao; 3 Street cries: Buy Grapes, Old Metal, Buy Tomatoes, Ripe Grapes; 4 Music for Elevation of the Host; 5 Saeta; 6 Alba y Camino; 7 Sevillanas; 8 Sevillanas; 9 Fandango de Huelva; 10 Bulerias; 11 Alegrias; 12 Fandanguillo; 13 Bulerias; 14 Bulerias; 15 Bulerias

Listen now Listen now - Music of Seville; KRAB 1964 and prior (33:16)


Sandy Bull and Billy Higgins - Blend; KRAB 1964 and thereaftertapelabel


Listen now Listen now - Sandy Bull and Billy Higgins - Blend; KRAB 1964 and prior (22:44)


Gamelan Music of Java; KRAB Nov 23, 1967

tapelabelIn 1967 the "1st Annual Unworldly KRAB Bibulous Festival of the Music of Practically all of Indonesia" began with The Gamelan of Surakarta, Java: Gending Kombang Mara

Listen now Listen now - Gamelan Music of Java; KRAB 1967 and prior (28:12)


Gesang der Junglinge and Kontakte by Karlheinz Stockhausen; KRAB Dec 17, 1963 and many more times

tapelabelChuck Carpenter and the music of Stockhausen: Zeitmasse (Boulez/Vega C 30 A 139); Kontakte (DGG); Gesang der Junglinge (DGG); Kontra-Punkte (recorded at Brussells)

Gesang der Junglinge was broadcast over KRAB at least another dozen times before 1984.


Listen now Listen now - Gesang der Junglinge and Kontakte by Karlheinz Stockhausen; KRAB Dec 17, 1963 (25:32)


Recordings courtesy Deborah Vaughan; MV0001, MV0002, MV0003, MV0004

If you possess any souvenirs (program guides, tapes, or photos) or have a story about your experience with KRAB you are willing to share, please email

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