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Who are the [Black] Panthers? - KBOO Summer 1970; KRAB Aug 1971

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Who are the [Black] Panthers? - KBOO Summer 1970; KRAB Aug 1971

A documentary produced by Al Schwartz at KBOO in Portland. We could not find a program guide listing in a KRAB guide, so this must have been aired in an open slot.

Much of the action described in this program takes place in a neighborhood of North East Portland called Albina. The Portland, Oregon Office of Community and Civic Life has several historic maps of the City ostensibly identifying neighborhoods. On the earliest map shared, one from 1912, there is an area labeled Albina, but on more recent maps (1974, 1978, 1981, 1987) Albina has disappeared.tape label

Listen now Listen now - Who Are The Panthers produced by Al Schwartz at KBOO - KRAB Aug 1971 (23:19)


Recording courtesy University of Maryland Special Collections and University Archives, collection of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) - umd-bcast-072490-0001

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For those interested in learning a little more about Albina and the Black experience there, we offer the following:

A 1912 map of Portland and vicinity (Open pdf, you will see Albina near top of the 2nd ring from center of map.

Albina, Portland, Oregon (1870 - ), Lauren Ackerman writing in, Mar 16, 2016

Here are two studies shared with us by the Portland Office of Community and Civic Life:

History of the Albina Plan Area, Winter 1990, Portland State University Department of Urban Studies and Planning

The History of Portland's African American Community (1805 to the Present), Feb 1993, Portland Bureau of Planning

"Portland's Ghetto of the Mind", a 1967 documentary produced by KGW television, Portland

"Albina 1980" is a follow-up to the 1967 documentary, also produced by KGW television, Portland

Last, is documentary titled "The Making of a Ghetto" by self-titled "Steve the Amateur Historian"


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