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Archives of *Non-commercial Radio on the Internet

Here are links to other web sites where one can hear examples of radio programming produced by public and "community" radio stations that tried to use radio to help their listeners better understand and appreciate the world they inhabit.

This page includes whatever non-commercial non-institutional "community" radio stations that I have been able to identify that came into existence during the last half of the 20th century. Some have ceased to exist. Some have information about their history and exampes of programming online. Many do not.

Do you know of other sites that provide audio of radio programming from the 20th century?

American Archive of Public Broadcasting

The AAPB is the largest online collection of examples of radio and television programming in the US. It is a relatively recent project of the Library of Congress, WGBH, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Most of the radio collection comes from the largest institutional stations that make up the National Public Radio network, but there are also programs from a few of the stations listed below.

The online database includes 896,885 total records for sound recordings, of which 31,616 have been digitized, and 7,981 are available online for listening. 3,172 of those online are from 1900 to 1999.

The BBC and British Library have a tangled skein of web sites and pages. If you can find the front door, please let me know. Otherwise, you can try these:

KAZU, Pacific Grove, CA; 1970 - 1998

KAZU seems to have ceased being a "community" station when the license was assigned to Cal State University Monterey Bay sometime between 1998 and 2001)

KAZU History (Don Mussell)

KAZU ( - restricted)

KBOO, Portland, OR; 1968 -

History (


KCHU, Dallas, TX; 1975 - 1977

Call letters are now used by a community station in Valdez, AK, below)

In 1978 license was assigned to an organization that eventually changed the call letters to KNON, which seems to have returned the station to the air in 1983 (see entry for KNON, below).

KCHU History (

KCHU History (

KCHU, Valdez, AK; 1986

KCHU History (

KDNA, Saint Louis, MO; 1969-1972

Call letters are now used by a Spanish language community station in Granger, WA, below)

KDNA History (

KDNA History, more (

KDNA, Granger, WA; 1979

KFAT, Gilroy CA; 1975

KFAT History (

More KFAT History (Gilbert Klein -

Airchecks - Part 1 (

Airchecks - Part 2 (

KNON, Dallas, TX, 1983

KNON History (

KNON History (

KOPN, Columbia, MO; 1973

KOPN history (


KOPN reel to reel project

KPOO, San Francisco, CA; 1973

History (


KRAB, Seattle, WA; 1962-1984

Call letters are now used by a commercial rock station in Bakersfield, CA

You are looking at this in the KRAB Archive

We have located, but been unable to obtain copies of KRAB programs found in the

KBOO archives

KDNA archives

New York Public Library - Three recordings of interviews of Maud Russell by Lorenzo Milam, Nancy Keith and Jeremy Lansman, 1962 and 1963

University of Illinois Sousa Archives - Recordings originally distributed through KRAB Nebula, and later absorbed into Possible Tape Exchange and NFCB program service.

WYSO Archives listed as not digitized in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting - Distributed through KRAB Nebula

KSVR, Mount Vernon, WA; 1973

KTAO, Los Gatos, CA; 1969-1974

Call letters are now used by a commercial station in Taos, NM.

KTAO History (

KUSP, Santa Cruz, CA; 1972-2016

The "Pataphysical Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. (DBA KUSP)" filed for bankruptcy in 2016. The license appears to have been acquired by an organization that operates networks that broadcast "adult christian music." I can't quite figure out the evolution of KUSP programming, but in the "KUSP story" it is said "KUSP has always been an independent, community-run non-profit – unlike most public radio stations."

KUSP History (Don Mussell)

KUSP History (


Pacifica Radio Archives - Programs from KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, and WBAI; 1949

The Pacifica Archives has more than 50,000 recordings of their programs. It is unclear how many have been digitized, but, between, Soundcloud, and the AAPB, there are close to 3,000 online. The link below (purchase a Pacifica program) goes to their online database where one can search or browse for programs. Note that not all that have been digitized are identified as such in the database. Pacifica's charges for digitizing or copying are much more reasonable than the typical institution with radio archives.

Internet Archive (


To purchase Pacifica programs

My KPFA - A Historical Footnote, by John Whiting, former KPFA Production Director. Has examples of many programs, recorded conversations with former KPFA principals, and essays on the history and philosophy of KPFA.

Studs Terkel Archive (WFMT)

University of Washington Milo Ryan Collection of CBS Radio News (Soundcloud)

WAIF, Cincinnati, OH; 1975

WDNA, Miami, FL; 1977

WFMU, Jersey City, N; 1958

WFMU History (


WNYC, New York, NY; 1924

WNYC Archives (

WORT, Madison, WI; 1975

WORT History (

WRFG, Atlanta, GA; 1973

WRFG History (


WYEP, Pittsburgh, PA; 1974

WYSO, Yellow Springs, OH; 1958

WYSO History

WYSO archives (

Archives at Greene County Public Library

* Mostly non-commercial

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