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The Penultimate KRABgrass April 7, 1984
in memory of JJ Tiny Freeman

Tiny Freeman - Like a train whistle around the bend,
you can still hear him long after he's gone - June 13, 2013

Tiny in front of the Central

You can hear him play his music, including that opening theme, and give last call for the listening taverns.

Here is almost the last KRABgrass, April 7, 1984. (There was one more 04/14/1984.) Five KRAB bluegrass producer-volunteers (Dennis Flannigan, Tiny Freeman, Bob Laclair, Shirley Oberg, and Marty Corey) played their music, and Tiny kibitzed all the while.

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Photo and off-the-air recording courtesy Paul Dorpat

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A photo essay of Tiny getting physical, see Tiny Freeman - Concrete Buster - Feb 1969, a Photo Essay by Michael McKeag

Here's a T-Shirt from the Tiny Freeman for Congress, 1972

A collection of articles appearing mostly in The Seattle Times featuring J J Tiny Freeman

Tiny working on the railroadBryan Johnson shares some photos and memories of Tiny

Mar 3, 1970 - Logging's Rich Past - Creating an exhibit at the Whatcom museum of history and industry, Michael and Steve Mckeag

Aug 8, 1970 - A Night With the Buoys - Searfaring, Glen Carter

May 9, 1971 - Galley Cooks can be dangerous to health, Glen Carter

Aug 4, 1971 - The Seattle Sea Farce, Glen Carter

Apr 4, 1971 - Coming Out, Paul Henderson

Sep 24, 1972 - Knock the Brock - Tiny runs for congress, John Bell

Oct 25, 1972 - Adams has easy tread on new turf - more on campaign, Shelby Gilje

Nov 2, 1972 - GOP Disowns Tiny, Richard W Larsen

Nov 8, 1972 - Last visit to campaign headquarters, John Hinterberger

Jun 22, 1973 - Cinderella Liberty - Tiny's brief Hollywood adventure, Paul Henderson

Dec 1, 1973 - Political Giant retires, John Hinterberger

Dec 3, 1973 - Back from the North - Return of the tugboatman, John Hinterberfger

Jul 17, 1976 - Tiny's into Fruit (stand), John Hinterberger

Feb 4, 1978 - Fat Tuesday, John Hinterberger

May 8, 1978 - More Fat Tuesday Walt Evans

Feb 6, 1986 - Mark Tiny's words - Tiny's passionate about Pioneer Square, Emmett Watson

May 25, 1990 - A Potourri - Tiny staying afloat , Rick Anderson

Jun 21, 2007 - Maybe big-living Tiny can bring character back, Susan Paynter in the Seattle Post Intelligencer

Tiny Freeman
Dressed up with somewhere to go

Tiny's switch key from the
Snoqualmie Rail Museum

Photographs courtesy Mike Toennessen

James J. 'Tiny' Freeman: One of the reasons for the Paynter piece was that Tiny was moving back to Seattle after far too many years in rural Montana--he got a little tired of dealing with the Vet's Administration there about medical stuff. So there was a very nice fete in his honor in Dan Grinstead's machine shop--many old KRABbies, and others from Tiny's colorful past and present. He is indeed now back in Seattle, although essentially retired except for judging the annual tugboat races and a few other things. I'll alert him to this Crosscut inquiry--very big on the internet is Tiny, I get approximately 20 humorous e-mails from him a week, mostly forwards from what I suspect is a vast network of people who send him funny stuff--and perhaps he will respond. But as we all know, predicting what Tiny will do is always a haphazard thing. — G Palmer, Crosscut, Sat, Dec 1, 2007

Here are a couple of photos.

Here are two photos taken shortly before Tiny's arrival in Seattle. Is there anyone from the 84th Engineer Battalion, Company B, that can tell us about them?

JJ Tiny Freeman 84th Engineers Battalion Midway Island 1965
JJ Tiny Freeman (left front)

JJ Tiny Freeman 84th Engineer Battalion
LeRoy Thompson and JJ Tiny Freeman

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