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KRAB Spoken Word Programming - The 1980s

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Programs are listed in chronological order. Problems listening, or comments? Email: KRABarchive

The text in bold italic that begins each program description is quoted from the original program guide entry. As some tapes lack complete descriptions, and we do not yet have all the program guides in which to find a description, some of the notes below are vague. If you can enlighten us about any program, please email us about that too.

The Rise of Solidarity, Produced by Doug Honig - KRAB Apr 26, 1982

A half-hour documentary tracing the development of the Polish Solidarity Movement. Produced by Doug Honig.

Dramatic Readings by Daniel Bradick, Peter Constantini, Jim Hunter
Sound effects by the Emergency Comedy Team

This is a two part program - The documentary was followed by a live panel discussion with members of Solidarity responding to phoned in questions from listeners, while Doug moderates. With an in studio interpreter.

Listen now Listen now - The Rise of Solidarity Documentary, Produced by Doug Honig - KRAB Apr 26, 1982 (28:44)

Listen now Listen now - The Rise of Solidarity Panel, with former members and listeners - KRAB Apr 26, 1982 (46:53)

Recording courtesy Doug Honig, DH0004

Mike Rotkin, Socialist and Mayor of Santa Cruz is interviewed by Doug Honig - KRAB Sep 14, 1982

Can Socialists Find Happiness in Santa Cruz? Doug Honig interviews Mike Rotkin, Socialist elected mayor of Santa Cruz, CA.

The liberal leanings of the Pacific NW, at least of its coastal territory, have been touted for decades. The authenticity of those claims have not been particularly obvious to some of us, but after 136 years Seattle did get its second Socialist City Council member - Obviously not serving concurrently. Anyway, it was surely a novelty when Mike Rotkin, the new (1981) Mayor of Santa Cruz, came to Seattle. In the ensuing years Rotkin served six terms on the Santa Cruz city council, and 5 terms as its mayor.

More about Mike Rotkin can be found in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the City on a Hill Press.

Cassette LabelDoug Honig first appeared on KRAB in a 1971 panel recorded at a Tenants Rights Workshop at the University District Center. In 1980 he volunteered at KRAB, and started producing programs ranging from sports commentary to interviews with politicians and activisits to documentaries about the Polish labor movement and the social economics of cooperatives.

Listen now Listen now - Mike Rotkin, Socialist and Mayor of Santa Cruz is interviewed by Doug Honig - KRAB Sep 14, 1982 (28:07)

Recording courtesy Doug Honig, DH0001-2

Emmett Watson interviewed by Kay Hutchins for Conversations About This, That and the Other Thing - Rec Nov 30, 1982, but rejected for airplay

According to the Feb 1978 program guide "Kay Hutchins, who, despite vague rumors to the contrary, is not a stuffy old Englishwoman..." Between 1978 and 1984 she read from a variety of books and other publications and also recorded conversations with numerous guests at KRAB.

Emmett Watson wrote for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer from 1956 to 1982, and then moved to the Seattle Times, where he continued to write until 2001. He seemed to frequently be inspired, or bemused, by the antics of KRAB, Lorenzo Milam, and others associated with KRAB, including Richard A C Greene and Tiny Freeman. Irritated with the champions of "progress" in the Chamber of Commerce's "Greater Seattle", Watson wrote about his own fictional anti-progress organization "Lesser Seattle". Meanwhile, Jon Gallant of KRAB and Jack Straw was writing of "Grosser Seattle". We don't know which was first.

Anyway, this was recorded but never broadcast. See the tape label at right. We hope to eventually have more of Kay Hutchins' programs.

Listen now Listen now - Emmett Watson talks with Kay Hutchins - Rec Nov 30, 1982 (53:47)

Recording courtesy Jack Straw Foundation, PA0021

Admiral Rickover: A Warning (Eisenhower redux?) - Jan 28, 1982 - KRAB Sep 8, 1982

On Jan 28, 1982, at the age of 82, Admiral Hyman G Rickover testified to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress. Although he is credited as being the driving force behind the Navy's adoption of nuclear powered warships, in this hearing he describes a military supported by special interests, and a likelihood of nuclear war unless disarmament is given priority. Three days after giving testimony he was relieved of command and retired from the armed services.

The questioning comes from Senator William Proxmire and Representative Frederick Richmond.

This program appears to have originated at Pacifica, appearing in the PRA database with a length of 57 minutes. Our copy, preserved and shared by Bob West, is only 42 minutes, so it may be incomplete.

Listen now Listen now - Admiral Rickover: A Warning - Jan 28, 1982 - KRAB Sep 8, 1982 (42:48)

Recording courtesy Bob West and the Pacifica Radio Archives

Making Caskets - KRAB Dec 21, 1983

Not that many decades ago, most caskets were the products of neighborhood cabinetmakers, or of the friends and family of the deceased. In one rural Washington community, this tradition has been restored - when someone dies, their neighbors make the casket. They do this not as a business enterprise, but, as one of the builders says, as "the last thing you can do for your friends." Produced by Phil Andrus.

Phil tells us that the subject interviewees of this program asked that their location identity not be revealed. They weren't interested in turning casket making into a business. So we don't know if, after thirty one years, their casket making tradition has persisted.

Listen now Listen now - Making Caskets - KRAB Dec 21, 1983 (25:54)

Recording courtesy of Phil Andrus

Elizabeth Cotten interviewed by Liza Dietrichson - KRAB May 24, 1982

tape labelPerhaps best known for "Freight Train" she was "discovered" by Peggy Seeger. This recording appears to have been made in May of 1982.

Listen now Listen now - Elizabeth Cotten interviewed by Liza Dietrichson - KRAB May 24, 1982 (32:49)

Recording courtesy of the Jack Straw Foundation, JSF inv PA1182


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